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Welcome To The Suit Me Up Refer A Friend & Affiliate Area

Here you can find ALL the information you need. From your very own official affiliate link to use so you can start earning all the way to useful marketing tools and advice.

At the bottom of the page will also be able to view your referred sales, commissions paid and pending, along with your monthly performance and overall performance.

Please feel free to read all the information on this page, however if you are looking to only refer friends and family be sure to simply pass on your unique Affiliate Link which your referrals will need to use to order and of course the special 10% Off Coupon Code so your referrals don’t miss out on all the benefits as well.

If you have any questions about the Refer A Friend Process please be sure to email us at as we are always happy to help!

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When you use this affiliate link, it will track your affiliate sales and calculate your earnings.

To embed your code, use the affiliate link below or create your own version ensuring you include your Suit Me Up Affiliate ID of () after the URL:

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Tip: You should change the text Affiliate link to something more attractive. For example, Order Now or Design Your Suit Here. Or if you would like to shorten the URL there are free tools you can use which we recommend further into the Affiliate Marketing Tool Section (well worth a read).


Your Secret Weapon – The Coupon Code For Your Affiliates/Referrals

We all know that making affiliate sales isn’t as easy as just redirecting your affiliates to our products in order to make a purchase. And even though we believe in you and your strong marketing skills, there is no reason we shouldn’t allow everyone to win and that includes the customer.

So since you are directing sales to us and you are taking your cut, it’s only fair that the affiliate gets a great deal too right. Which is why we want to provide you with a special coupon code to gift to your affiliates.

This coupon code will not just help you to make affiliate sales because it’s a 10% Off Discount for your affiliate, but will also really benefit the affiliate they receive their incredibly tailored Suit Me Up garments for far less than they could find anywhere else.

What is the coupon code and how does it work?
When your affiliate designs their very own tailored suit, shirt, pants and ect. Before check out they can enter the coupon code ‘SuitMeUpSpecial’ and receive a 10% discount on the product they are order.

Coupon code exclusive for just your affiliates - ‘SuitMeUpSpecial


Affiliate Marketing Tools

When it comes time for you to start generating affiliate sales, we are not going to beat around the bush. It can be hard, however the best thing about earning money online and especially as an affiliate. Is that you have an infinite amount of tools and resources you can use to increase your success.

To find these resources the world wide web is your oyster! Although because we know how important it is to you to have a successful affiliate marketing campaign we have a few highly recommended affiliate marketing tools and resources for you.


Landing Pages

When you want to sell a specific product, your conversion rate is usually always higher when you send your traffic to a beautiful landing page. A landing page that has well written copy, nice images, social proof (like testimonials) and of course a great offer!

Luckily in our Affiliate Program we have a great offer you can provide to your affiliates by giving them a 10% discount. To do so your affiliates can use the coupon code ‘SuitMeUpSpecial’. However since we aren’t the guru’s of landing pages, we have a few great tools you can use to help your affiliate marketing campaign be a success.

Lead Pages

Pardon the pun but Lead Pages is one of the leading lead page providers for successful online entrepreneurs. They have many styles and themes for different landing pages and types of products, along with some killer copy you can base your campaign on.
leadpages for Suit Me Up Affiiliates

Lander App
At Lander App you can create a free account and make your own landing pages, complete with A/B testing to check on your conversions. It has a lot of great features and can really benefit your campaign.
Lander Appfor Suit Me Up Affiliates


Content Creation

Creating great content is key to marketing an affiliate product; it’s so key that you want to be able to generate a lot of highly targeted traffic to see your articles. By having awesome content and articles, it will certainly help you increase conversions providing you with a better success rate the more quality the content is that you are putting out.

To help you in your content creation journey for affiliate marketing we have for you some great tools below that we use at Suit Me Up and recommend you do the same.

Buzz Sumo
You can use this tool to find out which articles, images and videos have had the most shares in the last 24hours, weeks, months and even over a year! This awesome tool will also show you who has been sharing the posts most. On this site you can find awesome information to base your content on to ensure you are putting out something amazing that people are going to want to see and share.
Buzz Sumo for Suit Me Up Affiliates

There are two other great tools similar to Buzz Sumo you can also use which are Shared Count and Ninja Outreach. So be sure to check those out when looking for inspiration to create great content and promote your Suit Me Up affiliate product.


Keywords & SEO

Keyword research and SEO is something you shouldn’t look over as it is something that can generate you a bucket load of traffic to your articles and your website. Which means, when promoting your affiliate product, you need to ensure you use great Keywords and have an SEO friendly website and pages. So please feel free to use these tools below which will help you immensely with your keyword searching and SEO.

Google Keyword Planner
We highly recommend searching via the Google Keyword Tool to find great keywords that will allow your website and it’s pages to rank higher. By using highly targeted keywords, it will send more targeted traffic to you pages and increase your success in selling Suit Me Up affiliate products.
google-keyword-tool for Suit Me Up Affiliates

Google Analytics
This is an amazing tool which will help you to track where your traffic is coming from and what people are doing on your website or webpage. This is a great tool to also track your SEO performance when you start to generate higher amounts of traffic.


Link Tracking & Creation

Often if you are sending people to a link, say for example your Suit Me Up affiliate link. It is a long link that is quite un-attractive, so in order to make the link look more professional there are some great tools you can use for free to create better looking URL’s for your affiliates to click.

There are two great tools we recommend to shorten your URL’s and make better-looking links. The first is Google’s URL Builder, which shortens URL’s for you.

The second is, which is a similar tool that has other functions where you can track individual links and get analytics. This is an import thing to note as an affiliate marketer because tracking your links is important. Especially when you want to check the traffic you are driving to these links to ensure people are actually clicking those affiliate links.

Another great link tracker tool that is built specifically for this is LinkTrack, and is a great resource to keep in mind as an affiliate marketer.
Link Track for Suit Me Up Affiliates


Free Images & Image Creation

Creating content as an affiliate can be hard, especially if you don’t have unlimited images or any images as such that you can use to promote the Suit Me Up product. Here at Suit Me Up we welcome you to use our relevant images exclusively and solely to promote our affiliate products.

However when looking for a particular image that we may not have, we highly suggest using one of these great platforms where you can get free images to use for your marketing material. They are Unsplash, Pixabay or even Creative Commons. All these websites allow you to search for certain images and use them without the hassles of getting in trouble for stealing someone’s work.
Pixabay for Suit Me Up Affiliates

Or If you are looking to get creative and design your own image with text, icons and animations like we often do, be sure to check out one of our favourite tools to do just this over at Canva.

With Canva you can create any social media post, letterhead and even info graphics among many other things. So please check it out, as it is an amazing tool we love to use ourselves.


Testimonials & Social Proof

Social proof sells and we all know it, we see it day in day out. Which is why we urge our affiliates to use our testimonials from us here at Suit Me Up when creating a successful affiliate campaign. To choose a testimonial you may like, please head to our testimonials pager here or see some on our home page here and be sure to add them to your campaign.


As per usual, we here at Suit Me Up are here to help you with your affiliate campaign. Which means, if you would like any images, help coding links or anything within reason that could benefit you to convert more affiliate sales, please be sure to ask the team where we will be happy to provide you as much help as possible to progress your marketing material and better your success.

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